200 Round Soft Pack



Legacy soft pack magazines for the M249 SAW had weak plastic dovetail mounts that were not reliable in tactical operation, often disconnecting from the firearm. This defect jeopardized the safety of soldiers who depended on its function, requiring revisions including improving ammunition belt-feeding and reducing tangles while exiting the legacy soft pack magazines.


PTI Tech redeveloped the dovetail of the soft pack, including a reinforcing MIM insert made of 17-4PH stainless steel designed to withstand the aggressive conditions of combat. The insert was designed to be inexpensive, lightweight (<100 grams) and survive five-foot drop tests fully loaded on the weapon, which it passed — to the amazement of Army testing personnel. Solid plastic panels were added within the sidewalls of the magazine pouch to prevent punctures and to align cartridges to prevent belt feed entanglement. The anti-siphon spring was reworked to prevent cartridges from falling back into the magazine after releasing the weapon feed cover. An improved spring also stopped the overfeeding of cartridges following rapid bursts, while maintaining ideal belt pull force for the weapon.