Chad joined PTI Tech in March of 2020, bringing with him 30 years of expertise in precision toolmaking and leading toolroom teams, R&D molding, manufacturing engineering, and injection molding across US aerospace, medical, and automotive industries.

Chad’s technical manufacturing and mold making expertise, combined with his leadership skills, commitment to continuous improvement, and state-of-the-art processes required for high-precision industries, made him a perfect fit to lead Polmold’s tooling operations.

In three short years, Chad has made a tremendous impact at Polmold. Improvements include streamlining operations, reducing waste, improving quality control, and leaps in productivity. He has also led the modernization of Polmold facilities, including new GF+ High Speed Mills, Sinker and Wire EDMs, adding capacity, precision, and speed.

In addition to technical and leadership expertise, Chad has brought a wealth of industry contacts and has expanded Polmold’s customer base to help grow the business.

Chad also is deeply committed to his American toolmaking and machinist craft. Recognizing the need to train and develop the next generation of talent, Chad created the Polmold Apprenticeship program. Drawing heavily from nearby Lincoln Technical Institute, this program will help to ensure the bright future of the toolmaking craft and US manufacturing.