Neal Goldenberg, PTI Tech’s president, has been integral to the successful operation and growth of his family-owned-and-operated manufacturing company since joining in 1997. As a requirement for employment, he worked in every department within the organization, including quality, production, engineering, purchasing, program management, finance, marketing, and sales. In doing so, he has top-down knowledge of what makes for a successful business and an appreciation for the importance of having a dynamic, client-focused culture throughout the organization. Since assuming the role of president in 2013, Neal has achieved his primary goals of building his senior management team, developing strong client relationships, and continuing the transformation of PTI Tech’s performance-driven culture through core values and hands-on involvement.

In 2015, Neal identified the strategic need to vertically integrate injection mold construction capability. This ultimately led to the successful acquisition and integration of a local injection molding tool company. The result was a substantial increase in profit margins and significantly shortened program lead times. In 2018, Neal recognized the disruptive impact of additive manufacturing/3D-printing technology on the manufacturing industry. In response, he established a partnership with DesignPoint Solutions (now Hawk Ridge Systems) to construct a 3D-print lab “Center of Excellence,” which runs the latest technology in additive manufacturing of plastics, metals, and composites, at PTI Tech’s facility in Clifton, New Jersey.
Neal serves on several boards and organizations, including Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP), Manufacturers Network of New Jersey, and the New York Chapter of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization). Neal has his undergraduate degree in finance from UMass Amherst and earned an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business, with a co-major in entrepreneurship and operations management.