Impossible Is a State of Mind

From pioneering work with innovative new materials to extensive expertise in tooling fabrication with metals and polymers, PTI Tech offers a deep bench in research and development, tooling prototyping and design, engineering, mold flow analysis, and full-production manufacturing. Our facilities were developed to produce custom state-of-the-art solutions for emerging needs in medical sciences, aerospace, industry, and military sectors, all while meeting or exceeding the most rigorous quality standards. Because at PTI Tech, there’s no such thing as impossible.


Research and development is at the heart of PTI Tech. R&D drives PTI Tech’s innovation and achievements and is integral to  the core philosophy instilled by our late founder, Mel Goldenberg.

Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing

PTI Tech’s in-house 3D-printing lab can quickly prototype and iterate designs as well as provide short-run manufacturing without the need for tooling.


PTI Tech has earned a rich reputation for insisting upon and upholding the most rigorous engineering specification standards.

Production Manufacturing

In-house tooling, fixture, manifold, production cell and automation manufacturing, as well as post-molding operations, assembly, and finishing allow PTI Tech to deliver flexible, efficient, and high-quality products all under one roof.


PTI Tech is committed to the relentless pursuit of quality. Our dedication to continuous improvement and to delivering the highest-quality products and services sets PTI Tech apart.


PTI Tech operates out of its 100,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey, which runs 24 hours/day and 5-7 days/week.

Work Samples