PTI Tech is now a second generation family run business supported by a team of industry leaders in engineering, scientific molding, powdered metallurgy, processing, R&D, and tool making.

CEO Neal Goldenberg

Neal Goldenberg


Neal Goldenberg, PTI Tech’s president, has been integral to the successful operation and growth of his family-owned-and-operated manufacturing company since joining in 1997. As a requirement for employment, he worked in every department within the organization, including quality, production, engineering, purchasing, program management, finance, marketing, and sales. In doing so, he has top-down knowledge of what makes for a successful business and an appreciation for the importance of having a dynamic, client-focused culture throughout the organization. Since assuming the role of president in 2013, Neal has achieved his primary goals of building his senior management team, developing strong client relationships, and continuing the transformation of PTI Tech’s performance-driven culture through core values and hands-on involvement.

In 2015, Neal identified the strategic need to vertically integrate injection mold construction capability. This ultimately led to the successful acquisition and integration of a local injection molding tool company. The result was a substantial increase in profit margins and significantly shortened program lead times. In 2018, Neal recognized the disruptive impact of additive manufacturing/3D-printing technology on the manufacturing industry. In response, he established a partnership with DesignPoint Solutions (now Hawk Ridge Systems) to construct a 3D-print lab “Center of Excellence,” which runs the latest technology in additive manufacturing of plastics, metals, and composites, at PTI Tech’s facility in Clifton, New Jersey.
Neal serves on several boards and organizations, including Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP), Manufacturers Network of New Jersey, and the New York Chapter of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization). Neal has his undergraduate degree in finance from UMass Amherst and earned an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business, with a co-major in entrepreneurship and operations management.

Jim Walsh


Jim Walsh serves as PTI Tech’s COO and CFO. In this capacity, he oversees the operations, quality, accounting, and logistics departments as well as the purchasing and IT/Cybersecurity/ERP functions. Jim has been with the company since 2010 and has been key in leading PTI’s continuous improvement and relentless pursuit of quality.
Jim’s work experience prior to joining PTI Tech spans a wide range of roles across industries, including working with large conglomerates, a hospitality-industry leader, and a major mutual fund company. Jim attended Florida State University and holds degrees in both accounting and finance.  In his spare time, Jim is an avid reader.

CTO Guy Mariella

Guy Mariella


A veteran of material science and metallurgy, Gaetano (Guy) brings to PTI Tech over three decades of engineering experience in designing solutions for the military, aerospace, medical, and electronics industries.

Under his guidance, the engineering team at PTI Tech develops and delivers best-in-class products and manufacturing processes that leverage the advantages of combining both engineered polymers and metals. Guy’s innovative thinking and development of refractory powder metal techniques and polymeric processing have helped hundreds of clients solve complex problems, from medical devices to military hardware.

Prior to bringing his intellect to PTI Tech in 2015, Guy’s work in powdered metals engineering includes over 20 years of experience at Bayer MaterialScience and H.C. Starck Inc. (formerly Kulite Tungsten Corporation), where he served as director of process control and development. In this role, he was responsible for production and process control, new process creation, and research and development. He spent another 10 years at Kulite Semiconductor Products Inc. where he served in multiple roles, including Director Supply Chain, Senior Manufacturing engineer, and Program Manager. Guy estimates that throughout his career, he has sintered over 30 million pounds of powder metal products.

A leader in manufacturing engineering, R&D, injection molding, and powdered metallurgy, Guy has presented several papers at major conferences and holds multiple patents. Guy received his degree in metallurgy and material science from NYU Tandon / Brooklyn Polytechnic.

Dave Turovsky Director Aerospace + Defense, NBD

Dave Turovsky

Director Aerospace + Defense, NBD

In his current role Dave directs the strategy, development, and execution of PTI Tech’s defense and aerospace programs, from concept through production. In this multidisciplinary role, Dave has developed prototype and production manufacturing technology across the aerospace and defense industry space as well as innovative industrial applications. Dave also leads new business development, strategic partnerships, and marketing within PTI Tech. With a perspective gained across the industry and the Department of Defense (DoD), Dave has championed technology-agnostic solutions across platforms and agencies, delivering innovation, value, and on-time solutions to PTI Tech’s customers.

Prior to joining PTI Tech in 2014, Dave had a 15-year career as a management consultant and entrepreneur in several disciplines, which developed into an R&D, prototype development, and government contracting practice supporting DoD contractor-clients with a small-business focus.

Dave graduated with a BA from Rutgers University, is an FSAE alum, earned an MBA from the Berlin School of Economics and Law, and is trilingual. On the job, Dave learned prototype and manufacturing process development and DoD platforms. Dave is passionate about developing and transitioning technology, and has served on the executive board of the National Armaments Consortium (NAC), representing small business since 2018.

Dave is committed to promoting STEM, manufacturing trade, and vocation education in the US as well as developing closer relationships with academia to prepare hands-on engineers to drive American innovation and manufacturing.

Chad Milliman GM Polmold

Chad Milliman

GM Polmold

Chad joined PTI Tech in March of 2020, bringing with him 30 years of expertise in precision toolmaking and leading toolroom teams, R&D molding, manufacturing engineering, and injection molding across US aerospace, medical, and automotive industries.

Chad’s technical manufacturing and mold making expertise, combined with his leadership skills, commitment to continuous improvement, and state-of-the-art processes required for high-precision industries, made him a perfect fit to lead Polmold’s tooling operations.

In three short years, Chad has made a tremendous impact at Polmold. Improvements include streamlining operations, reducing waste, improving quality control, and leaps in productivity. He has also led the modernization of Polmold facilities, including new GF+ High Speed Mills, Sinker and Wire EDMs, adding capacity, precision, and speed.

In addition to technical and leadership expertise, Chad has brought a wealth of industry contacts and has expanded Polmold’s customer base to help grow the business.

Chad also is deeply committed to his American toolmaking and machinist craft. Recognizing the need to train and develop the next generation of talent, Chad created the Polmold Apprenticeship program. Drawing heavily from nearby Lincoln Technical Institute, this program will help to ensure the bright future of the toolmaking craft and US manufacturing.