Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing

PTI Tech’s in-house 3D-printing lab can quickly prototype and iterate designs as well as provide short-run manufacturing without the need for tooling. Additive technologies include polymer FDM with linear fiber and metal FDM. Physical samples can add a tremendous amount of value over virtual models alone while reducing development time and cost.

PTI Tech’s in-house engineering, tooling, and scientific molding expertise makes it a leader in prototype injection molding projects supporting the development of new products, materials, and manufacturing processes.

PTI Tech leverages its prototype development expertise with modular tooling and a full range of injection molding machine formats and tonnages to deliver unparalleled product and manufacturing process development advantages to its clients quickly and cost effectively.

Current Additive Manufacturing Facility List:

  • Markforged Metal X™ (17-4 Stainless, A2/D2/H13 Tool Steels, Inconel 625, Copper)
  • Markforged FX20™ (Ultem™ 9085, Onyx™, Onyx FR™, Onyx FR-A, continuous CF reinforcement)
  • Markforged X7™ (Onyx, Onyx ESD™, Onyx FR™, Onyx FR-A, Nylon White. Continuous CF, Kevlar, or Glass reinforcement)
  • Markforged Mark Two™ (Onyx, or Nylon White, PLA, TPU. Continuous CF, Kevlar, or Glass reinforcement)
  • HP 5200 (Nylon 11/12, TPU/TPA)