Production Manufacturing

In-house tooling, fixture, manifold, production cell and automation manufacturing, as well as post molding operations, assembly, and finishing allow PTI Tech to deliver flexible, efficient, and high-quality products all under one roof.

Whether providing discrete tools, manufacturing process TDP’s, automated manufacturing cells, or finished molded components, PTI Tech is in the unique position to fulfill the injection molding needs of our clients at every stage.


Utilizing in-house resources and industry partners, PTI Tech designs and builds not only automation systems that push the limits of highly efficient, net-shape injection molded manufacturing, but also complete manufacturing cells (on both prototype and production levels) for clients across industries to “plug and play” within their own manufacturing facilities.

PTI Tech designs and builds a range of solutions for our clients, from pick-and-place robots and discrete tool inserts, to multi-stage molding and entire automated production cells.


Following molding, sintering, post operations, and finishing, PTI Tech offers quality-controlled work cells for the assembly of components into subassemblies and finished assemblies for our clients as required. This may include simple operations, such as a shock-absorbing foam application on specialized defense packaging, or detailed assembly of precision subcomponents for surgical devices.

Assembly cells are individually built out and staffed for each project, with all the quality controls, work instructions, training, and security protocols required to meet or exceed the requirements of each assembly operation.

The process of injection molding itself can be utilized as an assembly step where multiple components, inserts, bosses, shielding, leads, heat sinks can be located within mold tooling with high precision and over molded to encapsulate and permanently locate them into one robust assembly.

Post Operations

As an integrated one-stop shop, PTI Tech also brings secondary and post molding operations in-house in a relentless pursuit of quality and efficiency.

Whether the material is plastic, metal, or ceramic, PTI Tech offers full-service post molding and secondary operations where a fully net shape manufacturing approach is not feasible, when additional precision is required, or the material / manufacturing process requires it. Some highlights:

  • CNC milling, turning, EDM, grinding, threading
  • Annealing (metals + plastics)
  • Arc & electron beam welding, ultrasonic welding
  • Finishing: Surface Treatment, Coatings, Polishing, Sandblasting, Tumbling, Labeling, Foam-insertion
  • Via our qualified partners: Hot Stamping, Harperization, Passivation, Heat Treatment, et al