No Tolerance for Mistakes

PTI Tech has earned a rich reputation for insisting upon and upholding the most rigorous engineering specification standards. To earn a place on the engineering team at PTI Tech is in itself a feat, as we have carefully curated a deep bench of industry experts who insist on consistently producing nothing less than the most impeccably delivered precision engineering.

Design for Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is critical throughout the design and development process, particularly when making the leap from prototype to production manufacturing. DFM seeks to exploit every efficiency available through optimizing product design for its intended manufacturing process.

It’s important to implement DFM early in the product development lifecycle to achieve optimal efficiency, productivity, and repeatability of injection molding for plastics, metals (MIM), and ceramics (CIM).

As injection molding experts, PTI Tech excels in the discipline of DFM and encourages our clients to involve us early in the design process to realize the full potential of our precision Polymer, MIM, and CIM manufacturing processes.

Material Development

To deliver competitive advantages for our clients, push product innovation forward, or when no off-the-shelf material solution exists, PTI Tech’s material science and development expertise allows us to formulate, tune, and tailor custom material solutions across industries.

Polymers: Tune and customize material properties such as tensile strength, impact, elongation, abrasion resistance, lubricity, chemical and UV resistance, biocompatibility, electrical conductivity and ESD, and heat deflection temperature, as well as produce polymeric composites with carbon, aramid, or glass fiber reinforcing fill.

Metals (MIM): Tailor mechanical properties, including density, tensile/compressive strength, elongation, surface finish, and hardness via post-sinter treatments, as well as alloy on sinter.

Ceramics: PTI Tech is able to tune refractory ceramics for density and hardness, as well as produce metallized hybrids for high-heat and pressure environments.

Process Development

Manufacturing process development is key to product performance, maintaining material properties and tight tolerances, optimizing cycle time and efficiency, and minimizing scrap. PTI Tech leverages its decades of scientific molding and manufacturing development expertise to successfully launch and maintain complex, high-performance manufacturing projects.

Tooling Development

PTI Tech’s integrated approach is streamlined with in-house tool design and manufacturing. From concept to prototype to high-volume manufacturing, we close the injection molding development loop, reducing variables, time, cost, and risk. Our tool designers, engineers, master toolmakers and machinists all work together under one roof to produce whatever our clients need, from single-cavity prototypes to multi-cavity high-volume automated Class 101 molds.