Tungsten Injection Molding

Leveraging 30 years of experience in refractory powdered metallurgy, PTI Tech is a leader in net shape manufacturing of tungsten alloys via MIM across industries. From tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) to tungsten carbide (WC), and from developing the initial prototype to high-volume production, PTI Tech is a MIM tungsten specialist.

Example applications:

  • Aerospace: precision balance & ballast weights, vibration dampening
  • Defense: preformed fragments, penetrators, fuze components
  • Medical: Radiation shielding, multi-leaf collimators, CT scanning SEPTA, radioactive source containers
  • Electronics: inertial sensors
  • Oil & Gas: Well logging shielding & perforation charges
  • Sporting Goods: Golf club inserts, darts

Tungsten’s high cost and difficulty in manufacturing make it a uniquely excellent candidate for MIM. PTI Tech’s MIM expertise excels in manufacturing complex net shape tungsten components of various alloys and formulations with high precision, repeatability, and material yield.

MIM Tungsten Processing Capability Highlights

  • High-yield near- or net-shape manufacturing of complex component geometries that ordinarily are unable or impractical to be machined
  • Encapsulation of tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) components though polymer overmolding to create complex assemblies
  • Co-sintering WHA and WC+ Co components to form composite assemblies with varying densities and mechanical properties
  • Combining multiple material types (WHA and WC+ Co) e.g. to provide varying density (11g/cc to 18.5 g/cc) and mechanical properties to produce composites ranging from frangible to ductile within an assembly
  • Large component assemblies that can be manufactured by sinter bonding of the WHA alloys, infiltration, and/or high temp brazing

MIM tungsten heavy alloy (WHA)

PTI Tech offers MIM tungsten based heavy alloys (WHA) ranging in density from 11.0 g/cc to 18.5 g/cc, 90% to 97% W, meeting or exceeding ASTM B777-15 for WHA classes 1 through 4.

MIM Tungsten Carbide (WC)

MIM is a high-yield precision manufacturing method for WC components for aerospace and defense applications. PTI Tech processes WC submicron powder sizes in various shapes and sizes with formulations including 6%, 10%, and 12% by weight Cobalt providing TRS from 284 to 388 ksi.

MIM Copper (Cu) Tungsten (W)

PTI Tech is a leader in utilizing MIM (Metal Injection Molding) to manufacture net shape copper-tungsten Cu-W components and assemblies across industries in varying densities from 13 to 15.8 g/cc.

Custom PTI Tech MIM Tungsten Alloys

The above highlight standard powder and alloy formulations. Custom formulations, processing variables, and molding techniques can be applied to produce custom enhanced geometries, multimode configurations, mechanical properties, and terminal effects.

Case Studies