Work Samples

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Polymer PEEK Glass-Filled Helicopter Pump Housing 6inch OD
Polymer PEEK Acetabular Hip Cup
MIM 17-4 Flaperon and Wing
MIM Titanium Collar
MIM Tungsten Flechettes
MIM 17-4 Support Bracket
Polymer PA Glass-Filled Manifold
MIM 4605 Scope Ring
Polymer PA Glass-Filled Rifle Stock
Polymer PPA-Glass-Filled UAV-Propeller-10inch Aerospace
Polymer PPA Glass Filled UAV Propeller 10inch
Polymer Proprietary-Glass-Filled Picatinny-Rail Defense
Polymer Proprietary Glass-Filled Picatinny Rail
MIM 316 Surgical Shuttle
Polymer Defense fuze body
Polymer Defense Fuze Body
MIM 316 Scalpel Handle
Polymer Proprietary M82-Smoke Defense
Polymer Proprietary M82 Smoke
MIM Tungsten Countermeasure weight 800x550
MIM Tungsten Countermeasure Weight
Polymer Proprietary Meltable-Fuze-Plug Defense
Polymer Proprietary Meltable Fuze Plug
mim 316 ss industrial elevator button caps
MIM 316 Stainless Steel Industrial Elevator Button Caps
MIM 316 Micro Instruments