M249 200 Round Quiet Hard Pack



The M249 Hard Pack attaches to the M249 SAW and is used to house and feed 200 rounds of 5.56mm linked ammunition. Soldiers returning from combat identified a serious flaw with the container: When partially expended, the magazine would emit a loud drumming noise as the ammo rattled around in the container. This audio signature would give away the location of the soldier, particularly concerning when maneuvering at night.


PTI Tech identified and designed materials which would maintain the strength of the current hard pack magazine while significantly reducing the noise generated when a partially expended magazine was rough-handled. The interface with the weapon utilized a rigid, glass-filled nylon. The magazine body was manufactured by over-molding the interface with a sound-absorbing thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Additionally, PTI Tech developed a cover made from the same TPE that was strong enough to not dislodge during five-foot drop-testing. The look and feel of the new design matched that of the M249 200 RD hard pack, already familiar to warfighters, for seamless adoption.