Telescopic Ammo Case and End Cap



A longstanding goal of the military has been to reduce the weight of a soldier’s equipment. The single heaviest item soldiers commonly carry is ammunition for their weapon(s). As a test case, the U.S. Defense Department challenged contractors to reduce the total weight of the M249 SAW (light machine gun) and ammunition by 50%.


In partnership with AAI/Textron, PTI Tech formulated a high performance polymer with sufficient strength to replace brass cartridge cases, that would be operational in very cold and very hot environments, and provide superior chemical resistance and dimensional stability over time. Using high-speed injection molding and automated tooling, PTI Tech then manufactured the advanced 5.56mm telescopic ammunition cases to exacting standards. To date, PTI Tech has manufactured hundreds of thousands of advanced lightweight telescopic 5.56 ammunition cartridge cases for the LSAT program currently in testing by the DoD.